What is Squatober?

Fall has arrived. The leaves change colors and eventually fall to the ground. The sweatpants and hoodies come out of the drawers and closets. The bars and knees start to bend. #squatober is in full bloom. Nothing better than testing the mind, body, and spirit with a 21 day knee bending roller coaster ride that delivers a big squat and more importantly a new big outlook on life.
#squatober is not a one or two day challenge. No folks, it is a journey. A daily programmed knee bending regime that welcomes all who want to party. The 2017 campaign had participation from all over the globe including 6 out of 7 continents. (C’mon Antarctica, get with it)
Is the plan easy? Absolutely not, but it is highly doable. Start throwing your excuses in the trash can now. The planned routine has its highs and lows just like life, but with it we get to all go through this month together. You literally have thousands of others who are there to spot you. We all have one another’s back for an entire month.

Where Do I Get the Program?

Follow @sorinex_squatober and @penandpaperstrengthapp (PPSA) to get your daily #kneebending medicine and motivational content. Also, follow @sorinex for more awesome #squatober content.
How you #squatober is up to you, but many use this program as a template. Each evening, the next day’s plan will be posted. This will give you the sets and reps that you can lay in bed and dream about as you sleep and recover.

How Do I Participate?

The weight won’t lift itself. You have to get in the trenches and discover a things about yourself that you never knew. Get a partner or two (or five), lock arms, and embrace the journey. Maybe challenge your whole staff and/or gym members to participate together, rocking this year’s #squatober t-shirts.
Seeing content and everyone’s hard work is the best part. Post your work, that awesome squat, that struggle that everyone is enduring. Please be sure to include the #squatober hashtag and tag @sorinex, @penandpaperstrengthapp, and @sorinex_squatober
Utilize your storyline and show some awesome content.

And the Winner Is?

Everyone is a winner. Anytime you have people squatting and getting stronger together, you have winning. You will win a bigger squat, a new mentality, forge friendships, and a mental clock countdown until next year.

PR Party

October 30th. Mark it in your calendar, write it on your mirror, post it to your computer. The day where everyone comes together around the world to show the work they’ve put in all month. Find your location on the map below, or host your own PR Party. Just live stream your event and #squatober it.